About Almarthad
We works to achieve and provide the best services in all areas, thanks to its staff consisting of Iraqi nationals and other nationalities and qualified specialists
Our Vision
We always aspires to be the best among companies in providing unique services in the tourism travel, passenger services, hotel reservations and other services
Our Mission
We always strive to provide the best services to our customers to achieve continuous satisfaction for them about everything that is supplied offers and services 

All The Services We Provide For You

We at Al-Marthad General Services Company confirm and establish a goal Our work is that your satisfaction is the key to our mutual success, We have integrated our services enough to give you enough attention Which it deserves through the provision of medical examination services Includes (blood test, health card issuance) at work site and others Medical therapeutic services provided by our company.

We are in Almarthad General Services Co affirm and consolidate the goal of our work to your mutual satisfaction , , We work enough on our services to give you the whole attention you deserves by providing medical service, including screening) blood test - Issuing health cards) and other medical therapeutic services offered by our company.

The distinctive provide our staff delegates in all the different countries of the world to carry out the services of reception and farewell at the airport and the termination of the proceedings for travel to the customers attention and comfort to provide all the required services to the fullest until it delivers the intended destination,, We offer all consulting and tourist services that are in the customer service from the moment of arrival or until the end of farewell to all the procedures adopted .

Our company is booking airline tickets provided to all countries of the world on board all airlines ,where our employees are competent and professional help of the customer to choose the best airline companies, including for the selected destination of the trip with the most favorable prices and the best access times for transit , according to the customers request , and his choice of favorite airline , , We always provide services worthy of our name in this field and always strive to excellence through the provision of services to meet the needs and desires of the customer.

Our company provides hotel reservation service in all countries of the world where the best hotels available in vital and tourist areas, and according to customer's choice from 3 to 7 stars with the best prices,,We always provide best hotels for the costumers in terms of world-class hotels choice, which will enable them to find the best services through us.

With time and expention of work in providing the best service field, our staff have the best expertise and knowledge to give a high level of requested serveses as fast as possible with best prices , Almarthad company gives the best customs clearance service with emphasizes the commitment to the high quality service for its ownered customers in a legal ways ,, We're clearing the goods from airports, ports and customs in ways that sound legal and as quickly as possible, and these services are not limited to a country without the other, but we are present through our offices and offer service in most countries of the world .


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Meet & Greet service

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We works to achieve and provide the best services in all areas, thanks to its staff consisting of Iraqi nationals and other nationalities and qualified specialists.

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